Three Advantages Of Having Mini Dash Cams Installed In Your Vehicles

With the ever-increasing amount of people on the road these days, more and more accidents occur. If you wind up involved in an accident, having an in-car camera installed will protect you from wrongful blame when you're not at fault. However, that's not the only reason for putting a dashboard camera in your car. There are several other advantages of having mini dash cams installed in our vehicles. Below I have listed a few of those advantages.

Insurance Premiums

Installing a dashboard cam can prevent your insurance premiums from rising. Drivers have started using the video from these cameras as an independent witness to prove who is at fault after accidents. You will now have rock solid evidence of any collision or other incident should you need it. Right now there are no insurance companies that offer discounts on premiums for adults that install dash cams. However, there is one company that discounts premiums for young new drivers that have them. This brings me to the next advantage on our list.

Teen Safe Driver Program

A company known as American Family Insurance has started a Teen Safe Driver Program where they give new teenage drivers a free mini dash cam for one year. Included in the program is driver coaching and education for helping them be better drivers. The camera that the company provides records inside and outside of the vehicle when it detects swerving and sudden speed decreases or increases. The recordings are then sent to the driving coaches through Wi-Fi where they can grade the teen drivers on a weekly report card. Parents can review the report each week by logging in and checking the videos and grades. By participating, teens get a ten percent discount on their premiums. Therefore, not only are these cameras allowing lower premiums for teen drivers but they also help parents keep an eye on their children's driving. All the while, making our teens better drivers and making the roads safer to drive.

Crash for Cash

This is similar to the reasoning behind the insurance premiums. A dash cam protects you against scammers that intentionally have car accidents to extort money from their victims. It has become such an epidemic that it now has its own nickname. This dangerous stunt has become known as, the "crash for cash" scam.

You can find thousands of dashboard cam clips on YouTube. The reason is incidents are commonly caught on tape. They're usually caused by a person doing something that is less than ethical. For example, one of the most popular dash cam videos shows a guy that runs in to the road and starts acting like he was hit by a car. The funny thing about it though, is that the car had already come to a complete stop before the guy ever came in to the road. Who knows what would've happened if there hadn't been video evidence to prove that the guy was faking? Considering the cost at risk of not having one versus the cost of the cam itself, the advantages of having mini dash cams installed are obvious.

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Safe Vehicle Towing And Recovery Process

Towing and recovery services are designed to manage all kinds of roadway accidents. Some of the common situations where people can get an immediate assistance from a professional include vehicle breakdowns, collisions with other vehicles or objects, single vehicle crashes, and load shift. Regardless of the nature of an incident, a professional recovery team is expected to:

Ensure safety

Road accidents demand precautionary measures. Traffic approaching the scene, for instance, should be warned of the incidents. This is the first step in the process to safely recover a damaged vehicle. There are different techniques that can improve the visibility of accident scene. Flashing lights, cones, signs, barricades, and flaggers are some of the common tools experts use to prevent more vehicles from getting affected by the accident.

It is the responsibility of a recovery team to consider and maintain the sight distance to an overall recovery area. The recovery area should be inspected carefully for all the possible hazards. Fire explosions, equipment failure, health risks can further worsen the situation.

Recover the vehicle safely and quickly

It is important that a towing expert recovers and positions a vehicle for loading away from the scene as soon as possible. The process involves the use of various equipment such as winch and rigging. The equipment and tow truck must be in good working order. Vehicle manufacturers often provide a comprehensive guide on how to secure or tow the vehicle. Professional towing operators understand how to carry out the process without causing damage to property or human health.

Safe transportation

Road accidents can completely damage a vehicle. The damage sustained in an accident can lead to more problems if recovery process is not up to the standards. It is the prime responsibility of a towing company to transport accidental vehicles safely without causing any additional damage.

It is important to scrutinize a towing company before hiring it for the vehicle recovery purpose. Following are some of the considerations in this regard:

  • Make sure your towing contractor is trustworthy and that he conducts operations in compliance with established codes and procedures.
  • Sign a contract and discuss important things such as pricing in order to avoid being overcharged.
  • Make sure your towing expert is authorized and licensed to perform standard vehicle recovery operations.

Hiring a reliable and reputable towing company will save you time and money. Make sure you have the contact information of an emergency towing service in your town.

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Visionary Vehicles – Is the V Car the Answer to Our Problems?

Formerly known as Visionary Vehicles, the V Vehicle Company is scheduled to produce a car that will meet all our economic and automotive needs.

With a new model debuting at around $ 10,000, the V Car, may very well indeed be the car that we are all waiting for and dreaming about. If you could buy a brand new car for under 10 grand that would get at least 50 miles per gallon, would you buy it? Of course you would! As would millions of others who are in the market for the newest and latest thing in fuel efficiency.

But will the V Car be reputable? Will it be well built? One of the company's largest investors, legendary billionaire T. Boone Pickens, says "Yes, it will!" With someone like Pickens behind this company, we are sure to see a car that's new and innovative coming out sometime in 2011. There is even talk of a battery power / natural gas hybrid!

The new V Car plant is located in Monroe, Louisiana in the old facility of the GM Guide Plant. Hopefully, the V Car will have better results in Monroe than the Guide Plant did. The residents are looking forward to 1400 new jobs coming into the area an opportunity to boost the local economy. You can bet that these Louisiana residents will be among the first buyers of the new V Cars once they hit the market.

Is the V Car the answer to the oil crisis and the economic meltdown? Who knows. But for now, there are a lot of hopes riding on the fact that the answer is "Yes!".

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Vehicle Wraps – A Magical Transformation

Vehicle wraps are these magical inventions that can bring in a revolutionary change in the look of your vehicles and garner a lot of attention in public for better or worse.

These are nothing but large sheets of printed vinyl that are used to cover vehicles and give a complete different look to it.

Be it giving your vehicle a poster covering or solid color coverage or using a company logo, there are some companies which have some in house design teams that make these from scratch to your preferred specifications.

Having a complete makeover and bringing in a complete new appearance for the vehicles is exactly the goal of these vehicle wraps and they do a commendable job in that.

Here are a few enjoyable results of using this vehicle wraps that might motivate you further to give it a try and see the magic unravel for yourself

1. Dibs on grabbing the attention

Colorful vehicle wraps with brightening textures – who wouldn't turn back twice and look at these beautiful colors?

Nobody would make an effort to turn and admire a black or gray passing van, but as soon as they are a vehicle passing with colorful graphics sprawling over a sheet covering the fan – obviously the particular company will be a witness to more of the attention and admiration from every next passerby. It's eye catching and entrancing and gets bonus points for the particular company.

2. Protection assurance

Vehicle wraps always protects the body from scratches and road debris forming holes and dents. These large sheets of vinyl can easily be removed whenever you want without fading the color of the vehicle and causing any alterations. This vehicle wraps help to keep the vehicles in appropriate conditions to get sold in the future. It does not cause any damage and thus the vehicles can be used for a long time without any replacements.

3. Cost is not an issue

When it comes to advertising, you need to continuously keep paying money for as long as you wish the advertisement to come out. Where as in case of vehicle wraps, you can change them whenever you wish to and that too at a much more cost friendly situation. You can opt for an initial payment of half of long time advertising campaigns and make use of it over a long period of time. Hence the vehicle wraps appear to be cost effective as well thus only adding to the lists of benefits it provides us with.

Therefore as you can see these vehicle wraps are useful enough to get purchased not only for a better business, but for a better appearance.

Wouldn't you want your vehicle to get all the appreciation while on the road?

Wouldn't all the compliments make you feel happy about the vehicle you're in possession of?

Then go take advantage of this luxury today and give your car the ravishing look it deserves.

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European Vehicles and Can-Bus LED Bulbs: What Are They?

Can-bus stands for controller area network and is a specialized communication network that allows devices within the vehicle to communicate to the cars computer or ECU. With this complex system in place, the driver will be notified of any parts of the vehicle that are not operating within the manufacturers limitations such as non-functioning lights, low tire pressure, parts that are not working correctly, and more. Many modern European vehicles such as Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and more are the most common candidates for can-bus systems; although some of the newer American cars are starting to develop this technology as well. With aftermarket LED lights, vehicles with can-bus systems are not optimized for these lights so special can-bus or “error free” LED bulbs were created to solve this issue. Can-bus LED bulbs solve the problem using three common ways: Raise the wattage using built-in resistors, using higher wattage LED diodes, or raise the wattage using computer circuits within the LED which makes the bulbs non-polar and have a constant and stable power source. While there is no absolute fix for every vehicle and error messages, there are several innovative ways to go about solving it.

The most common way to fix can-bus error messages is to raise the wattage draw of the LED by using resistors. With resistors in place, the current is slowed down at certain points of the circuit which create more load on the light system which mimics the draw of the factory incandescent bulb and therefore prevents the error message from appearing. This is also the least expensive way method of the three, but it does have a setback: Heat issues. Since resistors slow the circuit, the resistor also creates more heat which is the number one enemy of LED diodes. While higher quality LED lights with built-in resistors are available, heat issues still plague them.

Can-bus LED lights can also be created using higher wattage LED diodes instead of the regular 1210 or 5050 LED diodes. High power LED diodes have typically more wattage draw due to the increased output and can easily fool certain vehicles with a lenient can-bus system. These lights are brighter than a number of LEDs out there and the risks of overheating are not as much as can-bus LED lights that have built-in resistors. Unfortunately, since LED lights draw car less power than the conventional filament bulb, high power LEDs are still not creating the same type of draw thanks to their ultra efficient light producing design.

The third and last most common can-bus LED light in this article is the use of electronic circuit chips that use computers (in themselves) to regulate the wattage draw. In addition to being able to control the amount of resistance is created to suit the needs of various systems, it also makes the LED bulb non-polar (able to be installed in any direction and still light up) and provides it with a constant and stable power source. These types of can-bus LED lights are typically more successful at preventing error messages from appearing than the other two alternatives. However, due to these upgrades, these bulbs are typically more costly as well.

Overall, with all these ways to prevent error messages, some may work or none may work. Unfortunately, due to the way certain vehicles are designed to regulate the light system and what parameters are measured to determine a fault, can-bus LED bulbs may not work for all vehicles. As technology becomes more advanced, future can-bus LED lights will become more sophisticated to allow it to be compatible with all makes and models. Until that time comes, we have three common ways to in an attempt to get rid of error messages associated with LED lights and can-bus systems.

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Portable Carports – Adjustable Protection For Your Vehicles

Portable carports serve as an alternative to garages and other types of permanent shelter. Your frequently used vehicles are typically stored in your garage but what about your recreational vehicles? Boats, jet skis, sports cars, motorcycles, and even RVs all need some kind of shelter where they can safely be stored when not in use. The great advantage about using a portable carport is that it can be moved to accommodate shelter needs wherever they may be. Portable shelters have various uses and have great advantages in price and portability which is something many property owners look for especially in today’s economy.

Carport structures purchased in kits are designed to be easy to assemble, install, and take down when needed. If you are looking at RV carports, consider using a portable structure so you can take down the shelter and bring it with you on trips. Having a portable or movable structure is great for snowbirds, or people who spend part of the year in a northern location and the rest of the year down south. A portable structure can easily be assembled or disassembled so you can take it along. Your beautiful RV and other recreational vehicles or equipment should always have proper shelter no matter where they are located.

Portable structures come in a wide array of sizes, styles, and materials. Most come in easy to assemble kits that can be installed completely by you and a friend depending on the size you choose. When determining which size to purchase, always take into account more space for growth or enough room to accommodate additional equipment or more vehicles. Some property owners use their shelters for entertaining as well. In this case, definitely leave enough space so the shelter can serve you and your family multiple functions.

Many of us would love to be able to store our most prized possessions in a garage of their own but when that cannot be accomplished, having any kind of cover for our property will do especially if that shelter can be easily transported to another location when and if needed. Portable carports for the shelter of a prized recreational vehicle is essential if you want your valued property to retain its value and keep looking good for many years to come.

Shelters should not cost you more than a garage would so stick to portable structures that come in kits. Portable shelters typically include a metal roof and support beams. Some kits include a storage unit in the rear and others are completely closed in. It should not be a problem to find the exact outdoor shelter you need and one that you can purchase and install all on your own.

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Auto Transport Services Can Move Vehicles From Other States to You

Have you ever purchased a car from a dealership before? You can acquire the vehicle and then drive off in it as soon as you have it. With that being said, have you ever purchased a car online or from a merchant from another city, county, or even another state altogether. While you may find the car you are looking for much further away, getting to that car and driving it back to where you live may be out of the question either due to cost or timing. This is where an auto transport service can help you out the most.

How can auto shipping help you out? If you buy a vehicle in another state but are unable to get that vehicle, then simply having it delivered can really save you time. The next question that most people would naturally ask themselves is if using a car shipper is efficient for their money as well as their time. This is when you will want to find auto shipping quotes.

A vehicle shipping quote is a great way to see if you can save money using a car transport service. If you go online, search out auto shippers, then visit the web page for a particular company, more than likely they will have a quote form for you to fill out. These forms take very little time to complete and can offer an instant quote on how much it will be to ship your car from one location to another.

Make sure to gather lots of quotes before you pick a company. If one auto shipper seems like it has a fairly good price, then chances are there may be another company that can offer lower prices or even better service for the same rate. Take an hour or two and browse many companies to see what they have to offer in terms of service, get a quote from them, and then start comparing the companies.

When you compare services and quotes, be sure that the company can meet your needs and that you can afford it as well. The purpose of comparisons is to make the most of your money and get the most out of an auto shipper and their services. When you do find the best company available, make sure to set up an appointed time so that they are available to collect the vehicle you purchased and bring it to you when it suits you best. If you really look at the big picture, a vehicle transport service is really an efficient means of transporting a car from one state to another in terms of time, and can be done quite affordably.

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The Rise of the Electric Car Charger in a Green World

The rechargeable lead-acid battery has existed since the 19th century, and it was trusted to power early motor vehicles. In fact, these electric models made up a majority of early motor vehicles and were especially popular in cities due to their lack of smoky exhaust. Eventually, advancements in the internal combustion engine resulted in a gradual takeover of the vehicle market by gasoline-powered cars.

Beginning with the oil crisis in the 1970s, Americans have become far more aware of the efficiency of their vehicles and the cost of transportation. This initial price fluctuation resulted in the shift from the classic muscle cars of America’s past to the compact and efficient vehicles found in Germany and Japan. This represented the first major blow to American vehicle manufacturing and a major change in the way people looked at oil-based products.

At first, the focus was solely on achieving the greatest fuel economy, but over time, Americans became more aware of the oil industry’s effects on the world. The combination of these economic concerns and growing environmentalism led to the development of alternative-energy vehicles like the electric car. The crisis of the 70s ended, so alternative energy was briefly shelved again. The 1990s began a true resurgence in research for alternative energy or higher-efficiency vehicles. The first popular attempt was the hybrid vehicle, which uses both a traditional gasoline engine and an extended storage battery.

The largest obstacle to creating an appealing alternative energy vehicle has been attaining high speeds and long-range capabilities comparable to a gasoline engine. Another obstacle has been creating a high-speed electric car charger. In order to compete with the traditional internal combustion engine, these new vehicles needed to be able to recharge quickly for long-distance driving. Drivers needed an electric equivalent to the gas station in order to drive long distances for work or travel, so consumers were hesitant to purchase all-electric vehicles until a rapid electric car charger was created.

With the current cultural movements focusing on climate conservation, anti-pollution, and environmentalism, it is likely that non-gasoline vehicles will continue to develop and improve through innovation in battery and manufacturing technology.

There are currently models that are being developed to run off of biodiesel, which is made from recycled cooking oil. Other prototypes run off of solar energy or tanks of compressed air. However, the newest electric models show the most promise, as they have now surpassed engine power and performance limits that had significantly hindered the market. With government incentives now available in a number of states and at the federal level, it is likely that charging stations will become more common across the nation. These new vehicles are here to stay, and as our planet begins to run low on the oil we need, they are poised to quickly become the most popular form of personal transportation.

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4 Benefits of Driving a Hybrid

Hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and this trend can be linked to the governments higher standards for fuel economy. The Obama Administration has already finalized regulations that will require automotive manufacturers to produce vehicles that can achieve at least 55 miles per gallon. Hybrid vehicles are often confused with electric vehicles, which is a honest mistake because just like electric cars hybrids can run completely off electricity stored in batteries. The difference is that as the name suggests, hybrid vehicles have a gasoline engine as well as an electric motor that can propel the vehicle. Lets take a look at some benefits of driving a hybrid, like anything else there are pros and cons but this article will only focus on benefits created from driving a hybrid vehicle.

  1. Increased driving ranges. This is one of the most convenient benefits especially if your schedule is busy and time is precious to you. On average most gasoline vehicles range from 350 miles to 500 miles per fill up. Currently some hybrids can be driven up to 600 miles between fill ups.
  2. Tax credits. Hybrid vehicles are no doubt more expensive than conventional automobiles and this is why the government issues tax credits to people who buy hybrid vehicles. There are many resources on the internet related to tax credits for hybrid vehicles that are out dated and the easiest way to verify if a vehicle is eligible or not is to go directly to the IRS website.
  3. Reduces carbon footprint. If your environmentally conscious this is what you have waited for! Not only do you have a fuel-efficient gasoline engine but your vehicle can get you where you need to go with zero tailpipe emissions which im sure your aware of means less greenhouse gases being created.
  4. Less money spent on fuel. Sure you can argue that number this is a repeat of number one but seriously the biggest benefit of owning a hybrid is that they use less fuel. Cost vs benefit calculators that allow buyers to get a better grasp on just how long it would take to see any real savings and the answer is the second you start driving a hybrid your fuel expense will decrease.

Hybrid vehicles are just one alternative that vehicle purchasers have when choosing a new automobile and currently there are thousands of individuals who have decided to spend their money on hybrid technology. Hybrids only make up a small percentage of sales even though they offer many benefits but its safe to say that alternative fuel vehicles will continue to increase in popularity.

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Defence Vehicles That Offer an Unmatched Off Road Experience

Defence vehicles are known to handle rough climate along with dealing with dangerous operations. The reason why there are different vehicles being used, and not the ordinary ones because, they are born tough for any rough and tough event. We are always curious to know about the police vehicles, as their performance is what makes them distinctive then rest of other vehicles.

Are they just rumoured about their high performance or made out of some rocket science? Well, the truth is that they are indeed made with expert technology which makes them powerful machines as it is must requirement in their field.

All police and defence vehicles are based on the standard models of automobiles, but the performing features are certainly different to that of regular vehicles. There are no precise auto manufacturers that only makes and designs police vehicles. Instead these auto manufacturers make special defence versions of certain auto models.

Sometimes, police or defence department will purchase regular vehicles, and later on customize them for the certain use. You must be wondering that that would be doing this customization job, since; we are not talking of any James Bond movie scene here where there is an Einstein scientist that customizes his car. This is in real we are talking, which means there are certain auto manufacturers which specializes in this kind of job in making snowmobiles, police vehicles and many such similar vehicles.

What makes these vehicles different from others is they are typical police profile fit vehicles with plenty of trunk space, large engine and large back seat. In many countries SUVs and trucks are used as defence vehicles. Some sports cars are also used as chase cars by police departments.

Police vehicles are known to take more abuse than any other average car. It requires having more speed limit and more powerful engine in chasing the suspects. Also; it requires handling the rough terrain or being used as a battering ram. On the other hand these vehicles require operating perfectly under harsh climatic conditions such as heavy snowfall, rain, chilly winters and harsh summer heat. These vehicles must be able to turn on a dime, and jump to hot pursuit in a minute. There are certain companies for instance speaks of its ability to provide these types of vehicles.

Like said before, there is no exclusive brand of car manufacturers that designs these types of vehicles. The usual car brand manufacturers are the people designing these exclusive defence vehicles. It provides all-terrain vehicles which will not limit its use, but will open new usage in other sectors such as agriculture etc. These vehicles are specially built for extreme sturdiness and performance thus; they are used in different industries such as defence and police.

These are the best suitable for anti-naxal, anti-insurgency, and anti-terrorists operations. It wants to create a new market, keeping in mind its consumer’s requirements by offering best possible mechanism when it comes to recreational vehicles such as Snowmobiles, Ranger, and ATV etc. Achieving the impossible has become possible with the range of range of defence vehicles.

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